School Snippets: Student Elections and the stuff we really want from our world

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5 thoughts on “School Snippets: Student Elections and the stuff we really want from our world

  1. Mama says:

    In at least one school in our area, grades 5 and 6 had an “election” the day before the Ontario election, but it was to vote for the actual candidates that were running in the provincial election! They had to find out who was running in their riding, what they were promising, what their parties stood for, etc., etc., They loved it! They also “elected” the same person the real voters in their riding actually elected. Either of these approaches – your school’s or this one I’m describing – is so great! If lots of schools did this we could grow an electorate that actually went to the polls! The kids in this school were so excited about the whole thing and could hardly wait till they were old enough to vote “for real”. Congratulations! Victory School is raising citizens!

  2. Krista says:

    Our school also participated in Student Vote ( and my students loved the opportunity to become returning officers and poll clerks as we ran the parallel election for the other junior classes in our school. I like how your school did it too – I’d definitely do it that way if I had to teach about government in a non-election year. I can only imagine what my kids would be campaigning for!

  3. berty says:

    I like this snippet. I LOVE that picture of Sarah from Labyrinth. … It reminds me of a school snippet of my own. I remember talking about her to Roof, in the school washroom, when we were maybe in grade 6. I reeeally, really wished I looked just like Sarah in that dream sequence where she’s a princess. R surprised me by saying, “You wouldn’t want to look like that! Because then you wouldn’t look like you!” Which hadn’t even been something worth considering, from my point of view. Looking like that girl/princess was my top priority – personal appearance wise. I was flattered by the idea that someone thought looking like me might actually be better. Huh! Life’s little lessons, coming to me straight-up from a fellow eleven-year-old: you need to be yourself. No matter how many times a teacher or librarian told us that same thing, it meant more coming from a peer.
    … But please stop posting cookie pictures.

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