7 thoughts on “The Toddler-Wizard Gag Reel

  1. emerge says:

    “Look at me, I’m hopping with wands!”

    This will be awesome to look back on when he’s opening on Broadway. 🙂

    I like when he says Accio Tigger at the totally wrong time.

  2. berty says:

    Oh, my goodness. I watched his hood-off indignation while I was eating lunch and I could barely keep it together long enough to swallow. Tears! Streaming! I know I shouldn’t laugh so much when he’s mad, but it’s soooooo funnyyyyy….

  3. diblog says:

    Berty, I know. When he uses the angry voice, he’s obviously trying to scare us and show us he means business… but it always makes us stifle giggles instead.

  4. berty says:

    This is still so cute and awesome. Your baby was such a baby back then! So chubby-cheeked and magical. Awww. Sometimes I watch it for reminiscence’s sake. <3

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