The Toddler-Wizard Gag Reel

As promised… the Tiny Potter outtakes! The secret is revealed: his focus – and his discipline – are not as perfect as they look in the edited version.




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  1. “Look at me, I’m hopping with wands!”

    This will be awesome to look back on when he’s opening on Broadway. 🙂

    I like when he says Accio Tigger at the totally wrong time.

  2. Oh, my goodness. I watched his hood-off indignation while I was eating lunch and I could barely keep it together long enough to swallow. Tears! Streaming! I know I shouldn’t laugh so much when he’s mad, but it’s soooooo funnyyyyy….

  3. Berty, I know. When he uses the angry voice, he’s obviously trying to scare us and show us he means business… but it always makes us stifle giggles instead.

  4. This is still so cute and awesome. Your baby was such a baby back then! So chubby-cheeked and magical. Awww. Sometimes I watch it for reminiscence’s sake. <3

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