How the Little Boy Saved the Summer

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4 thoughts on “How the Little Boy Saved the Summer

  1. Anne Fitzsimmons says:

    A lovely blog as always Sad and funny at the same time .E is a beautiful little boy as I am sure is his brother (Sebastian is just out of our human sight).Thank you for sharing this difficult journey with us .We are with you in spirit even if many miles apart .

  2. this is not sad or morbid, merely part of the continuing story. you can’t have life without death; it’s a complete package, however small it might be. you are so right to treasure the child you have – and frustration and impatience (and naughtiness/uncooperation etc) are part of life, and not at all things to be guilty about. this post is just another part of how it is, and we who are following your story are glad to read it. as to how he will understand the realities of Sebastian, well, that will evolve in time, and by the time he grasps it as much as anyone can, it will not be a great deal more painful than the memory of his broken leg, though it will surely strike him in a deeper place. seems to me you’re all doing everything right!

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