Snapshots from Homecoming Weekend, a.k.a. “Glad to be Old”

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5 thoughts on “Snapshots from Homecoming Weekend, a.k.a. “Glad to be Old”

  1. Mama says:

    Your un-cool (except to a – preferable – few), virtuous, happy, intellectual, academic, non-drunken-fun-loving, glad to be grown-up mum’s kid for sure!

    • diblog says:

      I’m curious about the social expectations in the US back then… am I correct in thinking most college students weren’t of the legal drinking age? And I like to think it would be easier to be sensible at a school where the whole population is made up of people who were at the top (or almost-top) of their class in high school…?

  2. Carol Leigh Wehking says:

    oh my dear, you come from a respectable long line of apparently uncool, sensible, undrunk, non-smoking, never making out with strangers, preposterously good (most of the time anyway) glad-to-be-themselves women. we’re not such a bad lot in reality. getting well into one’s 60’s without having gotten drunk enough to throw up doesn’t leave one with an unfulfilled ache. it’s nice to be solidly in a condition of knowing that coolness has much more to do with a unique MA paper than levels of intoxication. besides, you are a cool mama!

  3. Bethy says:

    Is your brain getting philosophical over a leaky six-pack of Molson like women getting chatty over a cup of tea? If so, I’m really surprised that at this juncture your brain decided to drink a a leaky six-pack of Molson. And then that it was able to gather all these thoughts together coherently. Way to go!
    P.S. Please consider doing a blog post about acceptable differences between life partners.

  4. Mama says:

    Going back two comments… Most college students weren’t of drinking age in Texas – it’s a state-by-state thing – as the drinking age was 21. Please do not think for a moment that this stopped people from drinking underage. I’m not sure about the statistics for Austin College (CL’s school) so I’m just speaking for Rice U., where presumably we were all in the 3rd percentile of our H.S. grad classes. My impression was that intellect and sense were not particularly connected, at least at that age. Rice students partied hearty for sure. Are you familiar with the term “beer bust”? (If not, FYI, a dance that included beer on tap with no one checking IDs at the tap – or if they did you just got someone old enough to go fetch for you.) That said, we were all relatively uncool when we got there so we made up our own standards of cool (which unfortunately were pretty similar to the ones in H.S. that we never quite met, so some of us were still on the outs) – but they didn’t matter so much. Cool wasn’t really where it was at. A large segment of the population thought “Cool, schmool” and just went on with life, finding kindred spirits and enjoyment in areas such as literature, science, theatre, etc., instead of just cosmetics, money, athletics, and looks.

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