10 thoughts on “Help! My two-year-old is out to destroy my sanity…

  1. Mama says:

    You may as well feel gratitude for them both: I don’t think you can have one without the other during this exciting and ever-challenging year!

    I wonder whether you will get a ten-month two-year-old out of this, or you’ll get two months of two-year-oldism after his third birthday? A year of it is pretty standard – amazingly so, actually. But you kids all started on time. Oh, I’ve got it! He’s compressed the usual amount of contrariness for three months into one! That’s why your sanity is endangered!

  2. Lili says:

    I love how you put so beautifully into words what I go through everyday! I wish I could express myself so easily. Know that when you are going through these frustrating times that there are so many of us moms who feel your struggles and have gone through this. Work and home life is such a tricky balance and I strive on a daily basis just to make it work. Big hugs sent your way cuz I know how tough it can get! 🙂

    • diblog says:

      Lili, I can only begin to understand a little of what you go through every day! You are AMAZING to be parenting your big beautiful family and working too… I don’t know how you do it. Big hugs to you too!!

  3. Carol Leigh Wehking says:

    “Going from summer, where we’re together almost every day, to five workdays a week” – well, yes, that’s bound to be an important factor – it’s even hard for you, and you have lots more self-monitoring and rational skills than a two-year-old has! But it’s also because he is indeed two, and developmentally appropriate, how ever infuriating that can be for the parent.
    Good advice that i got was: choose your battles. Let as many things that don’t REALLY matter in the big picture just go for now. Plus sometimes “natural” consequences do the job for you: he might get tired of wearing his shirt around his neck with his arms not in the sleeves; he might get chilly without a jacket; he might have to sit on the potty all by himself if Mama is not interested in being argued with. etc. He does need to have some control, so choices are good (the old “do you want to wear your red pajamas or your blue pajamas?” – the pajamas themselves not being optional –do you want to eat your peas first or your broccoli first? etc)
    Just don’t be surprised if he comes up with real zingers like “You don’t know how to be a good mother.” Try not to freak out if that one shows up.
    You love him anyway, and he may be testing the truth of that.

    • diblog says:

      Carol Leigh, we’ve been doing choices too… they often work pretty well, but then sometimes it’s like, “Would you like this or this?” and he just says “No I don’t.” Ha. As for “You don’t know how to be a good mother”… wow! Did you have to hear that one?? Ouch. Kids do know how to hit below the belt, it seems. So far, I’ve had “No I don’t love you, Mommy!” a couple times. But as long as the “I love you, Mommy”s are more frequent, I can laugh it off.

  4. dyerbay says:

    Your story reminded me of a saying that is usually told to moms with new babies, but I think is still applicable… Just when you think you’ve hit your breaking point, the situation changes.

    • diblog says:

      I know I’ve heard “Just when you think you’ve figured it out, something changes”… but it’s good to think it works both ways. 🙂

  5. Carrie says:

    So, as a mom of a child virtually exact same age as E, let me just say I am LMAO!!! (forgive short forms!) I can SOOOOOO commiserate with every single sentence written in this blog! Well, except the toilet training, because now M refuses to sit on hers anymore! Pull-ups are apparently sufficient, and NOT diapers (“no more diapers for me Mom”). Just remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I’m here with you! So with you! Ready to fill you in a few “I love her, but I just want to duct tape her to the wall at this momemnt in time” stories anytime you need!! 🙂

  6. Yes as a mom of a 2 year old, my baby usually BEGS me to get on the potty, (tells me exactly what he wants to do) Sits there for a while, and tells me he is finish … with nothing in the potty. awesome. It has to get better right?

    • diblog says:

      Nellie, have you tried bribery yet? We were in that phase for a looong time… until we found the right bribe! 🙂 We find yogurt-covered raisins work well. Good luck!

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