13 thoughts on “Expecting the unexpected

  1. Mama says:

    I do appreciate hearing all the details of the story that you really couldn’t bear to recount before this. My own tears started before yours did in the story – because I know the ending. I’m so, so sorry, my darling girl – and son-in-law. Many blessings as you continue your journey of healing.

  2. Edwina K. Shepard says:

    Di and Sean, Well we are all weeping together. Thank you for the beautiful account of a tragic story too heartbreaking to absorb.
    I love that little baby who can’t join us.Lots of mothers have had had similar experience but we don’t ever think it will happen to us.
    You are young and you will have many
    experiences and this one will be weaved
    in among the many happy ones. And it will forever be stained with tears.Please accept our love support.

  3. Beth says:

    Yes, it’s a story you need to tell, you need to share. That’s how healing works. We’ll listen and share your pain so you don’t have to carry it all yourself.

  4. Tova says:

    OH Diana. Much love to you. I am wrapping you in love in my heart. We are all here with you. Listening. Supporting. You are so brave.

  5. Quinnsies says:

    So heartbreaking. Thank you for sharing everything Diana, so we can support you even more. I know it’s difficult to relive this, but it’s worse to hold all the pain inside. I love you and have been thinking about you.

  6. Krista says:

    Oh Di. Hugs and love to you and Sean and Everett. I’m glad you’ve been able to write; if reading is what we can do for you, it will be done with much love.

  7. Jan Scheidt says:

    I also experienced a miscarriage. It’s only after you have one, and begin talking about it (which really helps the grieving process), that you find out how really common it is! They didn’t tell me 22 years ago, not to have intercourse after my D& C right away, so I got pregnant within the first month! He just celebrated his 21st birthday – the youngest of three sons….The date does not go away – I always remember….I had a blighted ovum (bum egg). I’ve told my story over and over to give hope to those women who undergo the same thing – it’s a relief to know there are others out there who have experienced this grief as well…

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