6 thoughts on “A Two-Year-Old’s Bedtime Stories

  1. Mama says:

    I love it!! I used to tell stories about you kids to you kids, but not on a very regular basis. Probably should have done it more. Hey,remember the thing E said the other day that I said you should get into your blog? You called to him and said, “Everett, come here – I have a question for you.” And he turned around and came into the room and said, “Where’s my question?”

  2. emerge says:

    It was pretty great that time at Camp when you were changing him in Rogers and I told a story and then got to the end and stopped and he chimed in perfectly with “The, End!” all final-like.

    (Or was that just the time I was trying to get him to do it again like he did another time before?)

  3. Beth says:

    Hey, now I’M thinking raisins and a drink of water sound good! Tell me a story about Beth.
    So… your baby is mystical. He goes into his imagination with a far-off look in his eyes sometimes, and pulls out some weird story or tidbit. It makes an impression for sure. Like that thing about hearing the thunder while he was sleeping. So smart and weird! (Where does he come by these traits, I wonder? ­čÖé
    By the way, you’re going to have to think of something else to call Evi when B*****n comes along, since there can’t be TWO coolest kids ever. … Can there?

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