Oh, Internet, you’re SO FUNNY!

Have you ever noticed how The Internet is chronically self-referential, using mostly itself for fodder? Sometimes I think it’s like an incestuous alternate universe where we think we’re humans on Earth but we’re all just playing into the system of the real world, THE WEB. (Oops, suddenly sounding like a Keanu Reeves movie. Sorry.) Please allow me to take it one step further and blog about this phenomenon: it’s time to get META. (I’ve spent many hours recently focusing my mushy pregnant brain very hard on getting work done in time for deadlines, so I’ve earned this silly blog post, dammit.)

I’m officially getting on the meme train today. For once, I’m so cool that I’m hearing about one that’s only nine days old (even though you may have already seen it – it’s making the rounds at an astounding rate).

Okay. Just watch.

Whether it’s real or not, it’s funny stuff, no? (And some of the comments made Sean and me laugh almost as hard as the video.) Personally, I think this is an actress – a good one! – trying out a YouTube stunt… and succeeding wildly. Over THREE MILLION HITS in a week. Kudos, hartmanncara, way to go viral.

Then there’s this – it was hard to pick a favourite. Just go to peanutweeter.com to see more Peanuts comics matched up with random people’s actual Twitter posts…

peanutweeter lucy comic

And then we have damnyouautocorrect.com, the site that has never failed to make me cry actual tears of laughter – if you’ve been before, you know it’s worth making a habit of. Laughing until you almost hyperventilate is really good for your heart. Here’s one of the few G-rated ones (a cute one, but not a tears-of-laughter one; you’ll have to visit the site for those):

pancake damn you autocorrect

Aaannnd… that’s all the indulgence I can allow myself today. Must go to bed at a decent hour, steeling myself for being extra-disciplined tomorrow. Sigh.


3 thoughts on “Oh, Internet, you’re SO FUNNY!

  1. Beth says:

    There’s no way that girl is for real. And if she WERE really hoping to get an e-harmony date, she wouldn’t post that as well as the video that DID come out cool.
    Really like the peanuts one!

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