Toddler Tracks: Recent Quotes and Conversations

Here are some examples of sentences and conversations I’ve collected from my son over the last couple of months. You’ll notice that some of them seem quite random, while some of them show just how much he’s paying attention to things…


Standing all wobbly on this bed, arms out for balance, grinning, still wearing his sleep sack and trying to walk in it: “What’s happening?!”


“I’m okay!” (Most of the time when he falls down, particularly when he pretends to fall down.)


E (looking at a strange little growth in the middle of a yellow pepper): “It’s a small planet.”


“It’s super-duper warm!” (Verbatim what Mommy said last time it was warm – which has happened precious few times this year.)


(Worrying about a spider that we found in the house and put outside): “Spider! Little spider on the ground.”


(Asking to see Mommy’s big belly with the funny bellybutton.) “I wanna open the belly.”


Speaking to the cement garden turtles, just home from the babysitter’s: “Hi!” (Repeated several times with different intonations.) “Nice to meeting you, turtles.”


While eating Cheerios, pointing at garlic press: “Wanna play with that. Wanna crush them.” (Crushing O’s in garlic press.) “Goodnight, O’s.”


When I found him playing contentedly in his room: “Hi Mommy! I’m doing great.”


While getting undressed for bed: “I’m naked! Awesome… I’m awesome.”


E: “Rain on the roof. Rain on the roof scared him.” (He knows the phrase “rain on the roof” from that Bread/Knife video.)

Mommy: “Scared who?”

E: “Scared Daddy.”

(I later found out from Daddy that E was worried by the rainstorm in the night, and got up on the big bed with him – to comfort him… or himself.)


E (out of the blue, while eating lunch): “Fell down the stairs.”

Mommy and Emi: “Who fell down the stairs?”

E: “Mickey Mouse.”

M/E: “Really?? Did he get hurt?”

E: “Cast on.” (He remembers all about that cast.)

M/E: “Oh. Then what happened?”

E: “Shoes.”

M/E: “What happened to the shoes?”

E: “I broke them.”

(To our knowledge, he has never broken any shoes.)


E (eating breakfast): “Goodbye, Mommy.”

Mommy: “Goodbye? Where are you going?”

E: “Toronto. On a city bus.”

(Auntie Em goes to Toronto a lot.)


E (putting his head on Mommy’s big belly): “Hug for the baby.”

Mommy: “Can you hear the baby in there?”

E: “Yeah.”

Mommy: “What does it sound like?”

E (after a thoughtful pause): “Music!”


Daddy (after Everett had been sick): “I love that you’re feeling better!”

E: “I love… cheese.”


Mommy (upon seeing something strange): “What the…?!”

E (helpfully): “Heck. What the heck.”

(This has now happened on two different occasions.)


E (during a conversation about the sibling-to-come): “I wanna see the baby.”

Mommy/Daddy: “Well, the baby’s not ready yet. Remember how we made those cookies in the oven before? We had to cook them. The baby has to stay in Mommy’s belly until it’s ready to come out, like the cookies.”

E (after a moment to ponder): “Put the baby in the oven!”


And – two awesome toddler jokes that he knows are hilarious:

  1. “Mommy has a beard.” (Or “Grammie has a beard” or “Emi has a beard”… you get the idea.)
  2. “Daddy’s a girl.” (Or “Mommy’s a boy” or “Everett’s a girl”… you get the idea.)


4 thoughts on “Toddler Tracks: Recent Quotes and Conversations

  1. Bev says:

    Oh, there’s nothing like it! Conversations with a scarily intelligent toddler! I had a few of those myself… but I had no blog.

  2. Julianne says:

    I love it, especially cause I can picture exactly how he sounded while he said these things. Thank you for making me smile, it’s been a rough day and I really needed that.

  3. Quinn says:

    Wonderful! It’s sooo good you’re writing all these down! My favorites are naked/awesome, I love cheese, and what the heck (so helpful). Cutie.

  4. Beth says:

    My favourite is the small planet inside the bell pepper.
    The other afternoon, when Auntie Beth was visiting, he put on his hat purposefully, walked to the front door, and reached for the doorknob, saying, “I’m going out!” ???

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