There’s a big toddler update coming, since our kid is constantly saying and doing things that make us laugh and raise our eyebrows… but I simply had to come and post this tidbit before my spacey pregnant brain lets it go.

A wee bit of background: over the past weekend, we finally found a bribe that works on E for potty-training: yogurt-covered raisins. He loves them and he really wants to do his business on the potty in order to get them. He usually calls them a shorter name, “yoga raisins”.

Just now, he wanted to get down from his booster chair because he’s finished his lunch. He had been feeding himself some yogurt, which means he got it all over his bib and other places. He said, “Wanna get down… please.” (He knows to use please, but sometimes forgets.) I looked over at him, and he added, totally deadpan and with perfect pronunciation: “I’m all wet, and yogurt-covered.” SO TRUE.

I’m still giggling. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Toddler Tracks: BEST SENTENCE EVER

  1. diblog says:

    I’m sure he was a bit baffled as to why I burst out laughing and covered his face with kisses…

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