Toddler Tracks: Everyone Poops

I would like to apologize for my neglect during the last week-and-a-half… but I know you’ve heard it all before. Like election promises, it’s starting to sound hackneyed. But just know that when I’m not writing to you, I’m thinking of you. And I miss writing to you.

E has really been enjoying the book featured in this video, ever since he received it as a gift a few months ago. He knows it so well, we’ve discovered he can do his part from across the room, not even looking at the pictures (which are awesome, by the way).

Here’s the text, just in case you can’t tell:

Everyone Poops, by Taro Gomi

An elephant makes a big poop  A mouse makes a tiny poop

A one-hump camel make a one-hump poop  And a two-hump camel makes a two-hump poop  Only kidding!

Fish poop  And so do birds  And bugs too

Different animals make different kinds of poop  Different shapes  Different colors  Even different smells

Which end is the snake’s behind?

What does whale poop look like? [Anyone know the answer to this one? It’s not in the book…]

Some stop to poop  Others do it on the move

Some poop here and there  Others do it in a special place

Grown-ups poop  Children poop too  While some children poop on the potty Others poop in their diapers

Some animals poop and pay no attention  Others clean up after themselves

These poop by the water  This one does it in the water  He wipes himself with paper, the flushes it down

All living things eat, so

Everyone Poops

By the way, I’ve come to the realization that in a recent Toddler Tracks post, there were two contextual videos that somehow did not appear when I published it. I apologize, because that means the post didn’t make much sense in a couple places… but you’re all too polite to be like, Hey, Dilovely, are you losing your marbles? ‘Cuz your post is all weird. Anyway, these videos are both worth watching, even though they’re not my adorable son. 😉 They’re other people’s adorable children – and they are GREAT.


2 thoughts on “Toddler Tracks: Everyone Poops

  1. emerge says:

    Beth and Dylan can attest to the impressiveness of last night’s performance – much more lively than this one – given by E from the change table where he was being diapered and sleepered the whole time. I started reading the book and he just chimed right in with Big Poop and we got most of the way through the book before he was ready. He NEVER EVEN LOOKED at the book.

    “…shapes…colours…smells” was all right on the money the first time. “–on the move” and “–IN the water” are probably my favourites for intonation. “–here-n-there” is fun too. “–flushes it down” got the best reaction, I think.

    (Just remember, please don’t poop in the helicopter.)

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