Back to “Normal”

For those of you who don’t yet know, E’s cast is now off – it was only on for 5 days. The orthopedist looked at the leg and determined it was soft-tissue damage only. Just as well to have immobilized it for a while, so E could get around without making it worse.

Here are a couple videos, just for kicks. Silly kid(s).

Coming soon: favourite new quotes!


4 thoughts on “Back to “Normal”

  1. Krista says:

    Yay for the cast off! Kinda spooky when he looks straight at the camera and says “people”…. I felt like he knew I was watching!! LOL And that’s a great smile!

  2. emerge says:

    The funny thing is that my glasses actually are a bit sharp, but i don’t think he could know that.

    The “What about this one” game came about from my asking him about the balls on his sweater – all of which he can identify. though he has a bit of trouble pronouncing Basketball sometimes. I asked “what about this one” for each of them and then brushed the crumbs off his shirt, pretending they were one, and it was such a big hit that i kept doing it. He was in a giggly mood. (Must’ve been the People!)

  3. emerge says:

    I love that he is saying BIG! while being big on camera, though he couldn’t possibly know that. It just so works. Even tho the Smiling Again is somewhat freaky ;).

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