5 thoughts on “Just a few reasons I love my hubby

  1. emo says:

    I’m so sorry you had a rough night and had to worry alone! but i’m glad you have a hubbibi.

    I miss y’all! I left class early tonight hoping to make the 8:35 bus so I could get the city bus home, but i #@$X#$% didn’t make it. So now I’m sitting in Vari Atrium killing time till the next one. Just wish I hadn’t left class early. Sigh. We had a guest speaker even. I guess this is more appropriate for an email, but hey, mini guest blog!

    Anyway. I’ll see y’all tomorrow, right? is anybody home?

    Oh, and on the subject at hand – E is ALL ABOUT the elements of style. Cozy style. And apparently penis style.

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