Kids Are Great

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3 thoughts on “Kids Are Great

  1. oh, wow, Di, this sounds so terrific! i completely get it about how kids can rise to occasions and floor everybody else! this was really fun to read and got tears in my eyes, too.
    if you haven’t done so, you MUST see the movie The Hobart Shakespeare (and anyone else reading these blogs – see it!)

  2. Suze Corte says:

    Another auntie here! I also loved reading about this. Having worked with kids for years & years, I understand completely what you are talking about. So happy for you that work is fun, despite the fact that you’d probably rather be with E! The Hobart Shakespeare–no haven’t seen it but will check it out, for sure. Thanks so much for your blog which I continually or continuously or ALWAYS enjoy!

  3. Suze Corte says:

    p.s. No, the Bee Gees were never considered sexy, I don’t think. Some of us loved their music but many did not, as disco was considered…well…NOT rock. Anyway….

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