Toddler Tracks V – Quotables

I’ve realized I’m neglecting too many cool anecdotes because I don’t have time for long blog posts. Better to do short ones than none at all, right?

Favourite toddler quotes this week:

  • Any time he ends up on the floor, accidentally or on purpose: “I fell down.”
  • Upon finding his (defunct) remote in the toy box: “Whoa. Exciting.”
  • When asked by one of my co-workers what colour his block was: “Teal.” (He has a discerning eye. What else can you say when it’s not green but not blue either?)
  • While examining minute remnants of vegetables on his tray: “Pea… gross.” (He actually does like peas most of the time – I’m not sure he fully understands the meaning of gross.)
  • Upon waking in the morning, looking up at the light fixture: “Switch – turned on.” Then when you let him flip the switch: “Fan blowing. Happy,” with a beamy smile.
  • Dozens of times every day, with a book in hand: “Read it.” (Right now especially with In The Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak, as well as The Wheels on the Bus.)
  • Randomly, when he’s thinking about that bus: “Move on back, move on back.” (Or sometimes, “Clink clink clink.” You all know the song.)
  • Following his first taste of cold peppermint tea last night, with a slurp and a huge grin: “Excellent.” (BTW, these words are all said with his baby accent, so when he says “Ezlint”, we know what it means.)
  • The best was today, as he and I watched, together, some video footage of him from the past few weeks – things like him playing with blocks, looking at his books, etc. He started coaching his video-self: someone on screen would ask, “What colour is that block?” and as his video-self hesitated, he would call out, “Green!!” Or as his video-self read his number book and hesitated on certain pages, the toddler standing beside me would say, “Five!” and look at me as if to say, What’s wrong with that kid? He should know that one!


4 thoughts on “Toddler Tracks V – Quotables

  1. Bev says:

    Oh, I love it! Even though you’re letting him learn and say new words without us there! It’s still ezlint! So one year he’s one, and then six months later he’s a teenager? Whoa!

  2. emerge says:

    I thought he thought it was gross not because it was a pea but because it was all squooshed, the kind of thing one of us would say was gross.

    Wina and Quinn were watching the videos we took on Tuesday night, which included sips of tea followed by “Excellent!” which was of course a big hit. Wina particularly liked “Have it!” too.

    We haven’t yet watched the Wheels on the Bus music video – So Good! 🙂

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