Seventeen Months Old (and four days)

My baby is seventeen months old! One more month and I will stop entitling his blog posts using months! (Although I’m sure I’ll still count them in my head.)

I’m running late with this blog post, and it’s almost my bedtime… so I’ll have to create an addendum one of these days, with more details, and lots more videos. Our darling boy is so full of new entertaining things to do and say that I can barely keep up.

For now, let’s look at this li’l clip of him helping read Ten Little Ladybugs. The kid just blows my mind, every day. I guess that’s what kids are like – learning so fast that the word “sponge” doesn’t even cover it.


2 thoughts on “Seventeen Months Old (and four days)

  1. bd says:

    ‘Vacuum,’ maybe? ‘Gourmand?’ ‘Electromagnet?’ ‘Sponge’ implies too much passivity, I agree. He’s awesome, and his family is too! Thanks for posting this!

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