Toddler Tracks II

My kid is so awesome.

He eats veggies. He tickles the ivories. He often beats Daddy at blackjack while on the potty. (I know, not Quakerly at all… but it keeps him seated, he’s learning to say numbers like “twenty”… and he doesn’t actually know he’s betting.) And he is walking to beat the band! This one is from Wednesday – it’s mostly featuring the adorable argyle hand-me-down we just acquired:

By Thursday, I saw him take nineteen steps from the chair to his toy box, no falls. (Of course I wasn’t recording at that moment.) This one’s from Friday:

Now, he can walk one way, turn around, walk the other direction, change his mind at the last minute, and even gesture while walking. Crazy cool!! We love how his arms are always held aloft – as Sean says, if a bear ever shows up, he’s ready for the intimidating.

Oh, and he also has a couple of new phrases. In addition to all the handy two-word ones, like “Go in” and “Turn off”, the other morning, while I was playing peekaboo with E on the bed and using Sean to hide behind, I swear he said “Play on Daddy.”

And yesterday, we had company in the form of Auntie Beth, and he was being told “I love you” even more times than usual… and it seems he finally answered in kind! He said “La-foo” to both of his aunties. (Daddy and I are still waiting for ours… sigh.)


5 thoughts on “Toddler Tracks II

  1. emoley says:

    The other day when Di and Beth were off getting polished, E turned from the fridge and walked across the kitchen, through the hallway and over to the toy crate in the living room, holding the Greenpeace magnet high like a trophy. Of course, I was home alone and got no footage. Cept his footage. That was cool.

    When we were outside later, E got his feet all dirty like ours used to be every day as kids. He was very articulate about what he wanted to do, using “up,” “down,” “walk” and “play” to great effect.

    Oh yeah, and earlier when we were sitting out on the back steps, he started shouting, and I didn’t know why until I heard the birds cawing in the next yard; he imitated them and said “bird.” Takes after his Papa!

  2. Bev says:

    And this afternoon (Sunday), he heard his mom on the phone with her mom (me) and started saying “Hello, hello!” so Diana said, “Can you say ‘hello’ to Grammie?” and he got on and said, “Hello, Bammie!” I’m okay with Bammie – for now!

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