Multiple Steps!… and final Baby Bits?

Yay! Yesterday, our little boy walked!

He was having fun practicing standing alone, with both arms in the air (looking like he was about to take off flying), so Sean and I tried walking him between us as we sat across from each other. Suddenly, he can take four or five steps at a time! All three of us were so excited. Then later, after Sean went to work, we even had a couple reprises between the ottoman and me, and pushing off from the coffee table all on his own… Maybe today we can get some footage!

AND, as if that weren’t enough, he also said his second and third French words. Last week he was encouraged to say “poisson” (mostly by his dad – I’ve been, I must admit, sporadic at best in speaking French to E – I’ve been so excited by the English words I can’t help but encourage them), and today after supper, when I said, “All done?” he said, unprompted, “Fini!” (Usually this is the one phrase I translate thoroughly; I say, “All done? Tout fini?” and do the ASL sign. E has picked up well on the few signs we use – eat, more, all done, please, and thank you.) I’m so proud!

So… I guess next time there’s E news, it may not be Baby Bits anymore. I will probably have to call it Toddler Something-or-Other. Isn’t that crazy?? I can hardly believe toddlerhood is here already (and E’s a late walker!). I guess life is like this – it gets faster and faster and you never have the chance to get used to it.

Best to give more hugs and kisses, just to make sure we get ’em all in.


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6 thoughts on “Multiple Steps!… and final Baby Bits?

  1. emoley says:

    OH MY GOSHHH!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t wait to see it! 🙂

    Wish I’d gotten more footage the other day when y’all were still just trying it out. I’m definitely taking a lot tomorrow. 🙂 🙂 Yay E-Walk!

  2. berty says:

    YyYYyyyyyyeeeekS! Hooraaaaaay!!! Such a big moment!! I wish I’d been there to see it!!! And don’t worry, sweetpea. He’ll always be your baby, whether or not he’s actually a baby – and whether he likes it or not. And HOORAY for the French words!!!!! Do more French! MORE!

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