Labour Day

School tomorrow!

Glad to have had a PD day, last Thursday, to warm up.

Looking forward to seeing the kids (most of ’em), catching up with my colleagues, doing fun first-day activities that aren’t really curricular…

Hoping to remember everything (like my lunch) – especially on Thursday when I need to drop E off at day care for the first time before going to work. Eeegh, I have not been good at punctuality for over a year, and now I have to fix that.

Not really looking forward to the incredible energy output of the first few days back… but at this point, I figure I can handle anything, whether I’ve had a good sleep or not. (And who sleeps well before the first day of school? Nobody.) Also not looking forward to giving E to someone else three days a week, but I’m acutely aware of how lucky I have been to spend so much time with him thus far. And I’m sure there will still be occasional mornings like the other day, when E woke up in a great mood, talky and snuggly, and started off (after pointing at and naming the ceiling fan) by kissing both his parents. Happy sigh.

I’m thinking of all my teacher friends out there – best of luck! May your classes be filled with lovely children who hang on your every word. 😉

I’m also thinking of my wonderful aunt for whom this is the first school year as a retiree (although she would have started in August). I hope it’s not too late to say Congratulations, once again, on NOT going to school!

In honour of school enthusiasm, I would like to include this little video, made by a friend of mine to improve his employability. (I would have hired him on the spot seeing this, if I could.) It’s based on the script and song for Les trois petits cochons (The Three Little Pigs) which is the first story we teach in Grade 4 Core French. The kids learn it, act it out, sing, dance, etc. – but this French teacher is an inspiringly creative keener! He’s adapted the words students will already know to fit this Lady Gaga tune. I categorize this as SO GREAT.


4 thoughts on “Labour Day

  1. Krista says:

    First 2 days back =good. LOVE La Trois Petits Cochons a la Gaga! (And I even understood it, aside from the obvious–knowing the story.) Our kids don’t learn the AIM method and therefore don’t get this story, but I’m going to send it to our French teacher anyways. 😀

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