Baby Bits XXII

E is starting to use words in conjunction with each other, to refine the concepts he can communicate. It’s pretty cool! He started with “chair pop”, when one of the bubbles we blew popped against the lawn chair; then there’s “nose hole”, one of his favourite things on himself or anyone; and the other day it was “mouse shoe”. (The day before, Daddy had put one of E’s shoes on the rubbery mouse that goes with the blocks – it stands up like a person and is small enough that its whole bottom half fit in the shoe. So they played with the “giant-footed mouse” and E liked it that way. When the shoe came off the next day, the mouse was NOT AS FUN.)

Here’s the blinkin’ I was telling you about:

It can mean almost anything. He uses it in response to things like “Who’s the best baby ever?” and “I love you.” It would probably still be cute in response to “Why are you putting almond butter in your hair?” and the like.


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