Baby Bits XXI

Here are a couple of clips. They demonstrate the love of BOOM. Check them out and see whom YOU think is the Boom King.

This one works best when there are pillows or even a drum to boom on… but in a pinch, just use whatever’s handy.

So? Qu’est-ce qu’on pense?


4 thoughts on “Baby Bits XXI

  1. emoley says:

    i like how his onesie matches the pillows! 🙂

    it is THE FUNNEST the way he says whatever you said to ask to do it again. Like when I scoop him down and up again and say “WEW!” or the other day at the ranch when we were doing “Pie, Pie, Pie!”

    I think probably this moment right now is the cutest on that score. When he actually learns to talk for real it won’t be so awesome when he imitates people! It’s just so wonderful that he’s learning to say grown-up words with his little baby versions. <3 <3

    Though I keep thinking he couldn't get cuter and then he does. 🙂 Good jorb.

  2. emoley says:

    BTW di, when we were having snack tonight he wanted to read your Year of Living Biblically. I tried to take a video but the thing shut down from no battery, but basically he liked the pictures of A J Jacobs and then there was the Simon and Schuster guy (is that the right one?) on one of the intro pages who got a comment, and then he started flipping the pages and had a lot to say. Then I went to get the camera and spoiled everything. Sigh.

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