5 thoughts on “Baby Bits XX

  1. Suze Corte says:

    Hah…love the O mouth and the fan in the face shot. Hope he soon learns to combine the two! LOVE BABY BITS!!!!! emas~auntie suze.

  2. emoley says:

    YAY! this post made me laugh out loud a lot. Can’t wait to hear “baby!” though i can totally hear it in my mind already. haven’t heard Doll yet but that cracks me up. 🙂

    LOVE the o-mouth picture. i didn’t have my camera on the weekend but it was the awesomest thing when i came home and he was in the backyard in the fish pool and picked up every single thing around him and said “POH!” with o-mouth while holding it high. Awesomest.

    Love the carseat pic! yay facing forward! hmm, isn’t it funny how “big boy” and “big baby” really don’t mean the same kind of thing at all?

  3. Bev says:

    Thank you so much for not letting him take off walking alone while I WAS IN MANITOBA! I thought sure he’d do that. Gotta get together! I want to see you ALL!

  4. emoley says:

    I was similarly grateful that he didn’t start walking while i was in Toronto. Though he is getting better at walking with only one hand held! (It’s kinda nice that he still needs us a little bit…)

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