BANG Book Review – Three Cups of Tea

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6 thoughts on “BANG Book Review – Three Cups of Tea

  1. Sarah Thompson says:

    Great review. Mortenson’s second book, Stones Into Schools, is in first person and much better written. There is also a Three Cups of Tea Young Readers version, that is much shorter, with more photos, and suited for young teenagers.

    His wife Tara also mentions how much criticism many wives give her for being married to him, but that she is no different than hundreds of thousands of wives (and husbands) whose spouses are in the military, and put up with long and difficult separations from their spouses all the time, and many of them are serving in difficult, dangerous areas.
    A lot of wives, like me, can’t even handle our husband being gone on a three day business trip.

    We should all be grateful for those amazing wives who are married to spouses who are often gone serving in the military, or humanitarian or mission, and like Tara, who deal with it all. Thank goodness, there are women like that also.

    • diblog says:

      Thank you for reading, Sarah! And thanks for your comment. One of our book club listened to and enjoyed the audio CDs of the Young Readers version, and another bought the picture-book version, which is apparently beautifully illustrated and very well done.

      I can’t imagine criticizing Tara for marrying Greg – after all, she fell in love with the whole man, the travelling humanitarian, and she’s a strong, brave woman who knew what she was getting into. Mostly, our group agreed that she is a saint. You’re right – there are lots of amazing spouses and single (whether temporarily or permanently) parents out there who deal with hardship, worry, loneliness, and worse – and my hat is off to them. I doubt I’d be strong enough myself.

      I’m eager to read Stones into Schools, on your recommendation!

  2. emoley says:

    It’s on my list too! I heard him interviewed on Rick Steves for his new book and he is so inspiring. Kudos to him AND his wife!

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