Hypes and Gripes

Here’s something one learns amongst groups of Quakers: sit in a circle and spill your hypes and gripes (i.e. what are you happy and not happy about today?). It’ll do you good.

Gripes this week:

  • Being reminded, again, that I am not as nice, patient, competent, reasonable, efficient, or able to handle stress as I used to be
  • Knowing that this due in large part to approximately 430 consecutive nights of fragmented sleep, and they’re not over yet
  • Having a medium-sized meltdown thinking about what a vicious circle it is – frustration builds up and makes one impatient with one’s child, which makes one feel worse but then even less likely to be patient…
  • Encountering idiot motorists who believe, for example, that it’s acceptable to rev, pass, speed, and tailgate like a racecar on a nice country road (and in an Acura, not a Ferrari or anything), or that they’re sooo special that they shall just shoot on past and cut into a huge traffic jam right where the second lane ends, instead of lining up and waiting it out like the rest of us
  • Inconsistent auto-formatting in my bill-paying spreadsheet – after all of the above, I was ready to disembowel my computer for this infraction

Hypes this week:

  • E giving lots of kisses, clapping his hands, hugging his stuffed animals, eating, finally saying the word “nipple” all on his own (well, it’s more like “nih-noh”, but he made it clear what he was referring to), and turning from the wall and ending up at the bed unassisted – one whole step!
  • My pedicure, in Conga-Line Coral
  • Strawberries and blueberries in season
  • Visiting with a mom friend and watching her little cocoa baby and my ultra-white baby playing together (they even gave each other kisses!)
  • Harry Potter, The Exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre! MOTL.
  • Going to Family Camp tomorrow. ­čÖé We’ll see if I manage to achieve my goal of a photopost per day for y’all.


5 thoughts on “Hypes and Gripes

  1. emoley says:

    oh, I bet I’m going to miss the first solo walking while you’re at camp! I don’t know if i’m going to survive 6 days E-less!!…

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