4 thoughts on “LAST DAY.

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh Diana I love your blog. Tomorrow will be bittersweet for you I think. It will be so hard to leave E in the morning but to see him at the end of your day will fill your heart with such joy. It is hard to believe that you could appreciate motherhood even more than you do, but when I went out to work I appreciated every moment with kids more than I ever imagined I might. I loved being with them so much already I could not believe there was more. Sending you BIG LOVE and support tomorrow as you enter a new phase of motherhood.

  2. Auntie CL says:

    oh, Diana, i wish you much strength for tomorrow! and onwards…
    you do what you have to do, and this is it, and i know you will do it well and find all the positive parts and find a way to deal with the negatives, because that’s you. what a great beginning Everett has had! you’re all pushing off on this new phase from a position of great strength. good for you!
    kiss dat baby for me — i love the picture with great-gramma Sue!

  3. Hi Sis! Just wanted to lend my support. As a mom who worked out side the home for many many years, may I just say I have faith in you; not only as a mother and a teacher, but as a person. I don’t know anyone who has as much passion as you and that truly shows in everything you do. Today will be hard, no doubt about it, but I think you will have some enjoyable moments as well. And when you return home, and E is there with that stunning smile, arms reaching for you, trust me, the day melts away and everything is right in the world again. Love you tons! You are strong, beautiful, smart and talented! Proud to call you Sis! xoxoxo

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