From the Pages of Mini-Di: Homeschooling Haiku

Okay, since I’m perusing, here is another taste of the writings of a smaller, less abashed, more exuberant Dilovely.

Apparently in the Homeschooling days of early spring of 1986 (I was 7), I was taught about Haiku, poems of three lines with syllables numbering 5, 7, and 5. In a tiny spiral-bound notebook (white cover with diagonal turquoise lines on it), I wrote some Haiku in painstaking cursive. My nerdiness knew no bounds… I just wanna tousle this kid’s hair and watch her be inspired by every little thing.

The first two were under the heading “Mystery Hicu”.

Sweet Flower!

Very sweet smelling,

It’s lavender in colour,

I love that flower!

Gently Swaying.

Gently swaying tree.

Oh! Softly waving branches.

My, what a nice thought!

This next one is actually dated: 20 Apr. ’86.


Small dancing ringlets,

Sometimes gray and sometimes white

So interesting!

By the way, amongst these Haiku I find a list of “Pretend Phone Numbers” (folks on the list are Me, B.F., Jackie, Her B.F., Clarissa, Margret, Francess, Kerry, Miranda, Taffy S., Tiffany, and Taffy Z. – for the record, I had no friends by those names), as well as a list of “Boy-Girl Names” (Kim, Sam, Terri, Nicky, Jean, Billy, Joe, Laurie, Chris, Pat, Robin, Bobby, Francies, Tony). Like I said, compulsive list-maker.

3 thoughts on “From the Pages of Mini-Di: Homeschooling Haiku

  1. emoley says:

    PRETEND PHONE NUMBERS!!! Best list EVER. I don’t know if I made such a one but I’m sure I had lists to rival it. When one lives a rich fantasy life these things are important. Like having an extended family background for each paper doll in the village.

  2. emoley says:

    Mini-Hicu-Di is all about the bestowing of approval, at least in her poems. An elementary teacher in training :). My, what a nice thought!

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