My Laminated List, Part II

This is all tougher than I thought. Once I finished Part I, I thought of some additions I should make – ones I can’t believe I forgot about. Also, there was a question in the comments I had to answer… so I had to go back and amend.

Then I started Part II, and realized that the women are even harder to narrow down!

But let’s get on with this, Dilovely. We’re looking mostly at actresses, since they’re the ones we watch. I may be straight, but I appreciate the hotness of women. I still feel pretty sure about who would be my type, were I not-so-straight. What I found hard was to draw the line between actresses I just think are wonderful, and those with more… visceral appeal. (I guess it would probably be easier to distinguish if I did swing that way.)

So here are the top 7 (yep, I’m bending the rules, ‘cuz it’s my blog) on Dilovely’s Laminated List o’ Famous Women – I.I.S.T.O.W.:

1. Rachel McAdams – the aforementioned Canuck who is just delicious even when she plays a bitchy character. Appealing voice, gorgeous eyes, lips, and sort of dimply/sculpted cheeks when she smiles.

Rachel McAdams

2. Charlize Theron – totally luscious without being overdone. Like a star from the Golden Age. Prettiest mouth in movies – but she’s not afraid to look ugly in roles either, which is brave.

Charlize Theron

3. Salma Hayek – classic Latin beauty, and, let’s face it, amazing cleavage. 🙂

Salma Hayek

4. Jennifer Garner – She’s got the super-toned dancer body, but more appealing is the sweetness she exudes. Partly the dimples, for sure. Her smile seems so much more sincere than you expect from a movie star.

Jennifer Garner

5. Maggie Gyllenhaal – There’s something earthy about her, and sassy… and she’s beautiful without being conventional about it.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

6. Mila Kunis – totally exotic. If you didn’t think she was hot in Forgetting Sarah Marshall… well, what’s wrong with you?

Mila Kunis

7. Kate Winslet – She was incredible ten years ago and is no less so now. They say she’s a gal who spends a lot of time naked in her movies… and I have no problem with that. Plus, she’s ridiculously talented.

Kate Winslet

Runners up include: Laura Linney, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Queen Latifah, Halle Berry, Yunjin Kim, Katherine Heigl, Aishwarya Rai, Catherine Zeta-Jones… and more I haven’t thought of, I’m sure.

And again, a list of a few that I don’t deny are beautiful… but who just don’t float my boat:

1. Sarah Jessica Parker – I have enjoyed her performances but she just seems too pointy to me

2. Hillary Swank – ditto

3. Courtney Cox – too pointy, and also her voice gets a bit of a Roseanne tone to it, too often. Maybe if one could go back to the Family Ties days…

4. Paris Hilton – I know she hardly counts as an actress – but I just have to put her in there, because I cannot see her hotness. I do not understand why she has fans.

5. Angelina Jolie – Again, too hard and pointy – and when your lips are competing with your arms for screen space, the proportions seem out-of-whack.

I know our tastes vary widely and wildly… please, feel free to leave a comment detailing your list favourites! We would all love to know, wouldn’t we?

Update, a year-and-a-half later:

I have to add one! And I know I am lenient with myself about numbers, but I would actually kick out Salma for her: Marion Cotillard. I remember thinking she was goddess-like in A Good Year, but now that I’ve seen Inception and An Evening in Paris, I’m convinced it’s humanly impossible to be more exquisite than she is. She pulls off cute and sexy and powerful and vulnerable all at once… and all with her eyes alone.



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