Eavesdropping and Snow Dropping

1. At the grocery store this evening, a cute little family is doing the shopping. Family consists of Dad driving the cart, a girl of about 8 (I guess by size, wardrobe, and status of teeth) who is riding on the front of the cart, and boy of 5 or 6, scuffling along beside, jacket askew. Both have dark hair and eyes I’m supposing they get from their mom.

Dad: So, what else do we need?

Girl (gaze homing in, razor-sharp, on a certain shelf in front of her): Brownies! (Split-second to think) …Mom said!

Boy (picking up the hint without missing a beat): Yeah, Mom said!

Dad: No, no, no.

Kids: Awww, but – Mom said!

Dilovely ducks her head to hide her smile, wondering how many times her name will be taken in vain in the years to come.

2. It snowed on the daffodils today. SO, post-Easter snowfall: CHECK. Okay Spring, we’re good to go. For real.

4 thoughts on “Eavesdropping and Snow Dropping

  1. Bev says:

    I have several beloved kids-in-the-grocery-store stories. My favourite is probably the little guy, about 3 or 4, riding in the kid seat, oblivious as to whether he was being pushed along or left to sit while Dad got something from a shelf, and singing, “Allelulia, allelulia!”

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