Yay for Lactation!

I took E to the doctor’s office today, just to be on the safe side, since he’s apparently not “over” whatever this is.

The nurse practitioner, who was great, was very reassuring without belittling the new-parent worries. It was true, as she pointed out, he didn’t look very sick. (He’d just been flirting outrageously with the receptionists.)

She asked what I was feeding him, and I said “Today, just nursing so far,” and she exclaimed, “You’re breastfeeding? Oh thank goodness! That’s perfect!” I was startled but gratified at the reaction – I guess lots of moms by this point aren’t still nursing? Or didn’t in the first place, of course.

I feel very happy and lucky that I do on a day like this, because she said it’s the best thing for him to have, the one food that will irritate him the least and nourish him the most.

She also said we could do a little bit of rice cereal to help, uh, tighten things up in there… so we did. And then right before bed there was another “incident” with quite a dramatic arcing fountain all over Daddy. (Hey, if that means we don’t get one in bed, wonderful.) E was unfazed this time, just sat looking mildly interested, then turned his gaze elsewhere and sanguinely pronounced some syllables.

Points from the nurse practitioner to log away in my mind’s Parent Bank:

  1. Dehydration is not serious until baby’s mouth seems “tacky” and dry.
  2. Fruits starting with “P” are said to make diarrhea worse (pears, peaches, prunes).
  3. Foods said to help with diarrhea: rice cereal, bananas.
  4. Diluted apple juice = okay.
  5. Tomorrow: boob only!!

P.S.: Sorry if this is too much information. But what else do I have to blog about when baby is sick?

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