Kudos to you, single parents.

Baby is sick today.

There’s been copious evidence coming out both his ends, starting at pre-dawn… sheets changed, baby’s clothes changed, mama’s clothes changed, plenty of other laundry, an extra bath… several short naps, some eating, some dozy awake time, some serious (but highly successful!) potty time, and even some periods where he seemed totally back to normal, smiling and making silly noises and enjoying his usual activities.

I’ve thought this countless times, but especially today: how do single parents do it?? Parenting is a lot of things to do, and when you can tag-team these more hectic moments, it works out fine. Today Sean and I, and then my sister and I when Sean went to work, got the messes cleaned up. How does anyone stay sane when they’re the only one to do everything, expected and unexpected? When ALL THE ONUS is on them, twenty-four/seven? Frankly, it’s amazing.

I bow to you, single parents.

E was a heart-wrenchingly good sport today, even when covered in grossness. Didn’t really even cry, more just moaned in consternation at the worst of it – and each time, bounced back almost instantly (once out of pukey clothes).

And on the bright side, he seems to be developing a “mama” word! I’ve heard it several times in the last few days, and today in particular, he said it and we repeated it back and forth two more times, so it didn’t seem like a fluke. And at one point, just before a nap, he laid his head on my shoulder and totally said “Mam.”


One thought on “Kudos to you, single parents.

  1. emoley says:

    Ha ha – i have this image of him bouncing out of his pukey clothes.

    I was glad to be there to help out yesterday, even if it’s what made me sick too. I hear you on the single parent thing… which is one reason I’m so glad you’re letting me be around your little guy! If I don’t get to have kids of my own then this is my chance to do this – and if I do, then it’s good practice!

    I came up to fill my hot water bottle but you were in the bathroom or I would’ve said goodnight. I can’t seem to stay vertical for very long! I hope you had a fun dinner! 🙂 xo

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