First Official Post in the NEW BLOG!!

That totally called for two exclamation points, don’t try to tell me different.

Here we are! It’s dilovely, isn’t it?    ?????

I’d like to introduce you to my new blog. It’s running on an installation of WordPress, so that a non-web-savvy “Normal Gal” like me can still function within it. It’s hosted by Host Papa, and affiliated with

The look of this new blog is a hybrid: I downloaded Tim Sainbury’s lovely theme called Watercolor, and then my sister helped me create a (partially) new header image and my dad helped me replace the old one with it. (My sister and my dad are savvy, c’est vrai.) So, the pretty green hill is Tim’s, the tree is a modified photo of my tattoo (designed by me but superiorly rendered by the amazing Laurie Stewart at Nighthawk Tattoo in Guelph), and the sky background is a li’l tribute to my former self – the young girl who loved colouring and honed her pencil-crayon sunset technique through colouring contests – which she won a ridiculous number of times. (Oh yes. It was a gift.)

Also, you may notice that I got a little crazy with my categories on the sidebar… just chalk it up to me coming from a wordy, linguistic, geeky background.

I have lots of cool plans… please forgive my glitches and unfinished bits. Soon, it will all be awesome!

3 thoughts on “First Official Post in the NEW BLOG!!

  1. emoley says:

    Yay! The tree looks great! The sky is very subtle, though maybe that’s just the lighting in here. Snazzy all around. 🙂 happy birthday, new blog era. xoxox

    ps i do miss my wordpress buddy though… i can’t log in as my wordpress self. guess i’ll have to get me a shepigramatar!

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