Taking the Elephant by the Tusks Before it's in the Room

Hello, dear readers,

I apologize for my absence the last few days. I am in the process of a sea-blog-change.

As the end of my maternity leave creeps closer, I am wishing more and more fervently that I could only go back to work part-time (or, since I’m wishing, how about not at all?). I know that teaching full-time is a large expenditure of personal energy, and I would come home and only want to spend time with my own kid. Blogging would definitely fall by the wayside.

And yet, I hope not to give up blogging, because I’ve discovered that having an reason to write on a regular basis, even if it’s just a wee post, has been a joy to me. I used to write obsessively when I was a kid: stories, novels, poems, and especially journals. It’s good for my soul. But lately, all those things have been neglected because I have other priorities. I can’t spare time to write just for me.

Then I started a blog on a whim, and a few people enjoyed reading it! Now, even though just you couple dozen people witness my posts, it’s enough to justify me writing… and I get to benefit from that process. Thank you for reading, so that I can write.

There is a bigger (more awkward, elephantine) point to be made here. I am soon going to move my blog to a new independent site… it will look all different… I will be able to do more things with it… and… there will most likely be ads on it. I don’t know in what form yet. I hope they will not offend your sensibilities, readers.

I know to some bloggers that’s a sell-out/cop-out/travesty. I’m sorry about that. I would probably feel the same, except that I can’t afford to. Is it better not to blog at all? Not in my mind.

As it is, I have no idea if this will pan out. Some bloggers end up with a decent income this way, and many don’t whatsoever. I am looking at it as an experiment similar to the one I initiated when I started blogging in the first place: let’s do this, and see what happens.

In the meantime, I am pretty excited about my new blog, as I will get to use my own header art, and a domain name of my choosing, and put up videos and so on. I think it will be aesthetically pleasing and fun to use…

and I hope you’ll keep reading.

6 thoughts on “Taking the Elephant by the Tusks Before it's in the Room

  1. Darci says:

    Ooooooo exciting! I’ve been so tied up with the day J.O.B. (just over broke) and my business that I’ve not been reading or writing.. Love reading what you write, and alas, I want to write more on my blog, but for now, I want sleep! LOL.. I think sleep is winning.. Can’t wait to get more regular with reading of your fantabulous blog!!

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