A Totally Random Question

Have you ever had a baby upchuck almost his entire carefully homemade dinner because of an immature gag reflex, and upon observing the warm, still-very-fresh food that looks exactly like it did on the way in, fleetingly think, I could just re-feed him this!

I haven’t, not me. No sirree.

But if you did, don’t you think you’d feel a little bit validated if said baby then reached to plunge both hands into the puddle of puke?

I might. Hypothetically speaking.

One thought on “A Totally Random Question

  1. Yerpa says:

    I have a technical WordPress question:

    How do you keep items like ‘upchuck’, ‘projectile vomiting’ and ‘poop’ from appearing prominently in your Themes Panel?

    Just asking. 🙂

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