Eight Months Old – and one day

Dear E,

Yesterday, you turned eight months old. You’re such a big, strong baby! Can’t believe we’re here already.

You are transitioning out of your evening catnap, as I think I’ve mentioned, and your daytime naps have been shorter this past week. Too much business to get done to waste time sleeping, I guess. But yesterday you celebrated your eight months with an afternoon nap that was well over two hours! Whew.

In the evening, we welcomed to our house for dinner a dear childhood friend of mine (reunited not long ago on Facebook, woot!) and her newlywed husband – our first time meeting him. It was, in short, delightful.

They took to you right away (as basically everyone in your life has done so far), and vice versa. Immediate ingratiating grins all around. You ate your dinner like a pro, showed off your rolling, grabbing, strumming, singing, smiling, etc., and were completely charming. Our friends admired you and played with you, toasted your eight-monthiversary with Guinness, and later likened you to a woodland creature as you frolicked and chirped in your Jolly Jumper. (No catnap, but you never got crabby, just continued being awesome.) ‘Twas great.

Then to top it all off, after all the adventure and entertainment with new people, we got a good night’s sleep! Yay!

Happy eight months, cutie-face. We love you all the way up to the moon… and back.

February '10 - almost 8 months
What a delicious boy.

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