Baby Bits X

Perhaps y’all are tiring of Baby Bits… but too bad. You’re getting them anyway.

1. Cool trick I figured out today, all by my brilliant self:

Baby is being stubborn, not opening mouth to receive peachy breakfast. Baby is given baby spoon to play with. (Baby is so smart he knows which is mouth end of spoon. By the way.) Why give spoon to baby? Here’s why: when baby goes to put spoon in mouth, Mama goes into ninja-fast mode and gets breakfast-laden spoon in opening first. (It’s like mini-golf, except I seem to be rather better at this.) Haha!! So there, baby. Eat that.

2. In addition to his knowledge of spoon anatomy, E has expanded the use of his index finger. Time was when you would put out your palm and he would touch his whole hand to it, like a high-five. Now, due to cutbacks, he’s not giving out fives; but if you put out your hand, he will graciously give you a high-one.

3. He is also a linguist. Sean asked him, at an opportune moment, if he spoke Russian, and of course he said, “Da.” (Groan… I know, but I had to put it in.)

4. E is a prodigious physicist. He does not crawl, nay. No such plebeian form of locomotion for him. He has a finely-tuned system involving sideways rolling, use of feet against stable objects for propulsion, and pivoting on a fixed point (usually his stomach) by way of a one-legged wounded-lobsteresque technique. He calculates angles and gets where he wants to go, sometimes in multiple stages but with remarkable accuracy. Like a billiard ball, or a navy seal, or something.

Here, in honour of the 10th Bitsiversary, I was going to put a video clip. However, this is not as easy as I thought… and it will have to wait. Please stay tuned.

Annnnnd… a month-and-a-half later, here it is! Hope it works.

navy seal baby

2 thoughts on “Baby Bits X

  1. bev says:

    What “y’all”? This is an unpublicized, obscure, surely completely disregarded blog, remember?

    Nonetheless, Papa and I laughed and laughed!

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