Baby Barfs – I mean, Baby Bits III

Landmark day: E’s first projectile vomiting of solids!  Woo hoo!

He did seem to be eating an awful lot for dinner, but he has been doing so well with this that we didn’t think anything of it.  Mashed peas and potatoes with a bit of canola oil (we realized a couple nights ago that he should be getting more fat in his diet), followed by lots of pureed peaches.  Delicious!  Then a wee top-up of mom juice.  Put baby upright to burp, and what comes out?  Not a burp! Well, I guess there was a sort of hearty bullfrog sound as the deluge arrived – so fresh it still smelled like peaches.  (What an absolutely peachy baby!  How nice of him!)  And, as is his custom, he was completely unperturbed, before, during, and after the incident.  Just watched with interest as we got cleaned up.

I know there are lots of moms out there whose babies vomit copiously all day long – and I do thank Heaven I’m not one of those.  E is not much of a spit-upper at all, and prior to today, had only done projectile mode twice that I can remember, and that was long ago.  So it felt like an adventure.

Also of note was E’s realization (and subsequently ours) that he is able to locomote by rolling.  It was the first time we could see he was doing this deliberately: rolled off his play mat to go lick the table leg, and then when he heard his auntie calling him over on the mat, decided to go back over there, log-style.  Good times!

2 thoughts on “Baby Barfs – I mean, Baby Bits III

  1. Carol Leigh says:

    hi, Di,
    this post reminded me of Anna and her rolling – i had read that some babies scootch and some “swim” and some roll prior to creeping and crawling. “Roll”? i thought! what fun! i would love to see that! and roll she did – from probably around 7 months, too – or perhaps slightly before that. what a trip! she was fast and accurate and it was just amazing to watch. get videos if you can – i didn’t have that capability, and i often wish i had a record of it other than the single photograph i do have.
    you mention mixed feelings about how E has evolved and changed (“both heartbreaking and exhilarating”) — well, of course you are delighted with everything new and that he is indeed progressing rather than staying in one spot – what a terrible thought! but i must tell you about a dream i had a year or so ago. i dreamed about Anna at about age 2 1/2 – it was a very vivid dream and entirely EXACTLY like she was at that age. she was charming and happy and totally Anna-ish, and it was such a strong and realistic dream that when i woke i did not feel that it had been a dream at all but an actual experience, as if i had travelled back in time and had these moments with the real 2 1/2 year old Anna. it still feels like that to me – that i had this amazing, delightful, incredible child who has gown up into an amazing, delightful, incredible adult, and that i recently had a heart-stoppingly precious visit with the child again. breathtaking, really. i would love to have such a visit with my baby Luc, too, who was also an amazing, delightful, incredible child who has, like so many miracles, grown into an amazing, delightful, incredible adult, too!
    it’s so wonderful that you are cherishing every moment and every new stage with your an amazing, delightful, incredible child – you will just accumulate all those moments and they will be part of who you are and who he is and who Sean is and how the world is. we’re all lucky!!
    i so enjoy how much you enjoy your life and especially Everett, my (so far) one-and-only great-nephew!

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