Why I Love David Francey

  1. He is a folk singer, so he sings simple, heartfelt tunes with pickety guitar accompaniment that remind me of my family and other good people.
  2. He is Canadian, so we get to be proud of him, and he mentions places like Calgary in his songs.
  3. He is also Scottish, and sings with an audible accent.  (Mmmmm, delicious.)
  4. His voice  manages to be both alluring and avuncular in a way I can’t explain (guess I shouldn’t overthink that one)… and somehow familiar too.
  5. He can write/sing about innocent first love and a prostitute on the street with equal beauty – not to mention lots of other folksy things like sailors and hard work and trains and fairs and skating rinks.
  6. He has the courage and skill to sing about September 11th 2001 using such a sweet, almost uplifting melody that you can listen to it umpteen times before the lyrics sink in and it dawns on you that it’s actually a song about a nightmarish event and suddenly that same melody becomes haunting and incredibly sad.
  7. His “Carols for a Christmas Eve” album is exactly what it purports to be: traditional carols that you can sing along to, with slight nuances that make them his, and unconventional but pretty piano accompaniment that I rather wish I had written myself.  And that Scottish accent…

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