A Nice Day

It’s been a really nice day.

It was mild and kinda sunny, with a balmy breeze.  I would not have approved of this twenty years ago, because I would have been clamouring for snow, but right now I’m okay with it.

My hubby had a day off, so we had croissants for breakfast and played a bit of cribbage.  We took a walk with E in the stroller later on, and pointed out all the things we liked about people’s houses.

E had a talky day, with lots of raspberries/drooling and exclamatory phrases.  Did some seriously jolly jumping, ate a whole (beginner) serving of rice cereal for the first time!  He’s really learning about tongue-spoon dynamics.  He sucked on his socks, as well as his toes, when available.  He did some snuggly tummy-to-Mummy’s-tummy time, which he is enjoying much more these days.  (Did I mention he rolled over again the other day?  And I saw it this time!  He had a bit of trouble with the underneath arm, but eventually got comfortable.)  He has also learned to waggle his head in a very silly way… I’m afraid I encouraged it yesterday by imitating him – or was it vice versa? – to the point where he wanted to do that instead of sleep, even in the dark.  SO cute.

We had spaghetti for dinner, and it rocked because a) my hubby made it and b) it was a chunky vegetably sauce that was delicious.

Also, I had a bit of time to read The Gargoyle – and I’m hosting book club tomorrow so I’d better buckle down and get it finished.  Ramona is purring like crazy and asking for a cuddle… think I’ll give her one, then go brush my teeth.  Bonne nuit, tout le monde.

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