Bit of a tough day today.

I guess no first-time parents get everything right.  We love our children to pieces and want them to be happy, so I believe almost everything we do with them is well-intentioned.  But then, sometimes what the Baby Whisperer would call “Accidental Parenting” comes into play.

E is five months old, and he has always been a good napper and a pretty good night sleeper too.  But we have always helped him with it quite a bit… and now I’m afraid he’s not much of a self-soother.  So we have to help him learn about that.

This will probably come up lots of times in this blog, because parenting issues are such rich food for thought.  Techniques for proper baby sleep: is there anything more varied and debated?  There’s so much conflicting advice and it’s so hard to know what to do.  And it’s such an important thing – there’s no getting off the hook.

Therefore, no well-thought-out blog post for today… just a sigh before we go to bed (to harmonize with the experimental squeals from E), because when a certain amount of mingled baby tears and drool have dried on the shoulder of your shirt, nuance goes out the window.  The love takes over.

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