Dilovely's Little List of Goals

I’m enjoying this.  I enjoy that I don’t need preamble or continuity to write in my Bloggy Blog.  No constraints on length or level of awesomeness.

(When my sister started her blog and left for Europe, I discovered that my baby son gives big smiles when you say “Blogblogblogblogblog.”)

What was my topic again?

Oh right.  Since I am so far writing just for me, I might as well remind myself of my goals.

  1. Raise a happy, healthy son.  (Piece o’ cake.  Ha ha.)
  2. Bellydance my way back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
  3. Write in my blog.
  4. Write all those articles that have been filling my mind since I’ve been not at work hyper-concentrating all day.
  5. Write a book.
  6. Finish my symphony.
  7. Record my piano pieces.
  8. Translate works of literature with eloquence and subtlety.
  9. Muckle on to that special project I’ve been imagining.
  10. Orchestrate the perfect publicity plan for my Favourite Place.

Ten seems good.  Don’t want to overwhelm myself.  HAH!  How will I have time to go back to work??  Guess I better add number 11: Get rich quick.

0 thoughts on “Dilovely's Little List of Goals

  1. emibonjour says:

    What’s the special project you’re going to muckle on to?????? Covering the whole world with snootrac, perhaps?

    I think I would give big smiles if you said blogblogblogblogblog to me too. I giggle just imagining it.

  2. bev says:

    Yah – I want to know about the special muckling project too. Don’t try for pre-pregnant weight while you’re lactating. My mom listens to a recording of your piano pieces often! And what is your favourite place?

    • dilovely says:

      I may have talked about the project with both of you before – having to do with collecting stories from the moms I know. For my favourite place – see Blogroll at right.

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