A few of today's thoughts

  • It occurs to me that I might seem conceited to choose the user name dilovely.  I wanted to emphasize the love part, since I’m very aware of love, and like to make sure people hear about it when I love them.  Okay?
  • Wait, why do I care if the ether thinks I’m conceited?  Shoot, I guess even in this anonymous blogiverse I have insecurities, shyness.
  • Hey, what’s the matter with me??  Dilovely, own this!  I am lovely.  I have thick hair and a nice singing voice and a mean hip shimmy.  And I’m nice to people, I know my manners, and I give great hugs.  Lovely.

And on a more random note,

  • How weird is it to get passed on a country road by two white-haired seniors in a zooming white Buick?

And on the opposite of a random note – on the topic that currently consumes my life,

  • Parenting is a hard job.  It never has break time, and every single decision you make, there are one jillion different opinions on it from books and peers and parents.  And it’s like teaching: the more you care about doing it well, the more difficult it is.
  • Been visiting with mom friends and their babies three days this week, and I must just say this: women’s birth stories are as unique and amazing as the women themselves.  That baby onesie that says “Who needs superheroes when I have my mom?” is not a joke.
  • I know it’s a total cliche, but is there anything more beautiful than a sleeping baby?
  • and is there anything more gratifying than a baby smiling hugely at you?
  • or any greater joy than baby chuckles?

I doubt it.

0 thoughts on “A few of today's thoughts

  1. emibonjour says:

    i am sadly lacking in exposure to baby smiles. i’m trying to make up for it with vitamin D supplements, but i’m not sure it’s really possible.

  2. bev says:

    I thought it was “dilovely” as in “It’s delightful, it’s delicious, it’s dilovely” – but then I guess that would be misspelled, and what would you know about that song anyhow? If you followed Emi’s lead you would – it’s Fred Astaire, I’m pretty sure…

    So go ahead: be dilovely, and be delightful and delicious while you’re at it!

    • dilovely says:

      Yes, it is! That was originally what was in my mind when I chose that name. Then afterward I had the above thoughts. (Of course I’ve seen the movie! Silly. :D)

  3. Beth says:

    Wasn’t it Audrey Hepburn singing that? This is what I picture. What film are they both in? Sillyface? Sily girl? Funny face/? AH, FUNNY FACE! The one where he shoots her running down the steps in the dress. Yeeees.

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