It's 11:06 on a Monday and I've decided to start blogging??


Here I am, writing into the ether.  I did not plan to blog today or even any time soon, therefore did not tell anyone I know, “Hey, check out my blog later!”

In fact, I’m not even sure I will tell anyone I know.  Maybe it will be my own secret, me offering my thoughts to an undetermined audience.  (That’s not a slight – you, audience, may be very determined indeed.)

And there is the possibility that no-one will ever read this!  That’s actually kind of exciting.  It’s like graffiti-ing your name along with the name of your secret crush, really tiny on a big wall of graffiti, just putting it out there and leaving the rest up to destiny.

Of course, if no-one reads it, it’s no skin off my nose.  I have dozens of volumes of journals that (to my knowledge) have never been read by anyone but me, and I still consider that writing time well spent.

So my goal here is, um… huh.  I guess it’s to write about whatever thing I feel like, whenever I feel like it.  Not to try to keep up with anything or be thematic or profound or incisive.  I just like writing – and these days I feel obliged to be orderly in most of my journalish endeavors.  Sometimes it’s good to be random.

So hello, no-obligations blog!  Cheers to you.  And now, au revoir.  The baby’s asleep and I should really go brush my teeth.

How’s that for a pizazzy first blog post?  Zing!  (Wonder if I’ll read this later and feel compelled to delete it.  ;D)

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  1. emibonjour says:

    i love it. that’s how i started both my blogs. the one on teaching was when i came home from work one day last summer and had so many things to do and so decided to start a blog. but of course i have only written in it once since then, dommage. it would’ve been really interesting if only i’d made the necessary kabillion hours to write everything my students did and stories they told and lessons that worked and didn’t work…

    and then the other one i started the night before i left when i still had a lot of other things to do but figured i might as well before i turned off my computer, but didn’t write anything in it till paris, as you know. but i am a fan of starting blogs at inappropriate moments. also a fan of laundry. the smell of fabric softener, the feel of warm clothes in your hands… what? oh yeah. blogs. …who was i playing dr horrible for recently?? i can’t remember. someone. hmm. probably kate. yeah, i think we were talking about NPH instead of me writing my blog. and did you see his tony host song? see it! and i think he hosted something else too, emmys or golden globes. he’s all hosty. and i saw alyson hannigan talking at the emmys but she sounds different as a real person, and also she is apparently denisof, at least on twitter. which is a cool name. if i were married to alexis denisof i would take his name too. no, i probably wouldn’t. but he is so cute. but so is she. really. i would marry either of them. or both. did i say something about needing to go?

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